CS252. User Interface Design

Review Questions - Chapter 3

Terms to Know

population stereotype
channels (user resources)  
error prevention  
error recovery
user control
visual clarity
transfer of technology  


  1. Explain the difference between consistency and compatibility using examples from your experiences with software interfaces.

  2. Which user resources are involved in each of the following types of software use?

  3. Describe a situation in software interfaces that has the same feedback problem as the hand-held remote described by the author on page 29. How could you solve the problem?

  4. The author describes (p. 32) an example where a timeout feature caused usability problems. Given an example from GUIs where a timeout feature actually improves usability.

  5. Visual clarity is a goal. Name at least 3 mechanisms for improving visual clarity that are available to a GUI designer.

  6. Name three ways that Visual Basic prioritizes the functionality and information presented to the user.