CS252. User Interface Design

MS System Color Constants

ConstantInterface Element
vbDeskTopThe Windows desktop (not including any pattern/graphic)
vbActiveTitleBarThe titlebar of the application with the focus
vbInactiveTitleBarThe titlebar of applications that don't have the focus
vbMenuBarThe menu background
vbWindowBackgroundThe window background
vbWindowFrameThe window frame
vbMenuTextText in menus
vbWindowTextText in windows
or vbActiveTitleBarText
Text on titlebars
vbActiveBorderThe border of the application with the focus
vbInactiveBorderThe 3-D border of applications without the focus
vbApplicationWorkspaceThe background of an MDI form
vbHighlightThe background of selected text
vbHighlightTextSelected text
or vb3DFace
Face of command buttons, other 3-D display elements (this is the basic color constant used for the Office look in applications)
or vb3DShadow
Edge of command buttons, window shadows
vbGrayTextGrayed (disabled) text
vbButtonTextText on command buttons
or vbInactiveTitleBarText
Caption of a window without the focus
vb3DHighlightHighlights on 3-D objects
vb3DDKShadowDark shadows on 3-D objects
vb3DLightThe second lightest highlight on 3-D objects
vbInfoTextText in tooltips
vbInfoBackgroundThe background in tooltips