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Re: Question about project 0

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Cherri Pancake wrote:

> For step 5 on project 0 you said to run the program as in step 3. In step
> 4, however, you indicated that the file demo.parms was to be replaced with
> the file ~cs411/osp/demo/demo.parms. Are we to reenter the data used in step 3
> or use the demo.parms file from the demo folder?

The program is run the same way (i.e. by typing the same thing at the unix
prompt), but the parameters will be different in steps 4 and 5 (since you
have copied over demo.parms with the file from the class directory).  

So the end result is:

In the the demo1 column of your table, you will have the results of
running OSP with the parameters given in the project handout

In the demo2-demo5 columns, you will have the results using the paramter
file copied from the class directory.

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