CS411/511. Operating Systems

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411/511, turning things in

Since there is some confusion, to clarify:

Homework is to be turned in on paper at the beginning of lecture on the
due date.  

Project write-ups are turned in entirely electronically.  Email writeups
to cs411@engr.orst.edu

For project #0, the write-up should contain answers to the questions
asked in the project instructions and also your table of results.  I do
not need your simulation.run files.  

There will be two statistic snapshots in the run files, you can use
either.  In the future, it is probably best to use the very last snapshot
in the run file.

Keith D. Vertanen                         "To know is nothing at all; 
Oregon State University	                   to imagine is everything."
vertanen@cs.orst.edu	                      -Anatole Thibault

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