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Proj #1 question

I have run into an unexpected problem in project #1.
I've copied the 7 files over to my directory.  I looked at the Makefile to see 
if it needed changing, but in it's header it says to use "As-Is", so I left it.  
I ran make and saw the following:

mo 4% make
        gcc /nfs/stak/a4/classes/cs/cs411/asst1.hp700/osp.o dialog.o cpu.o  -lm 
-g -o OSP
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: dialog.o: Not a valid object file (invalid system id)
*** Error exit code 1

mo 5%  

and yes, I do have dialog.o in my directory.  So then I thought that maybe the 
ASG_DIR statement in the Makefile really did need to be changed to point to my 
directory (thought it was odd that the osp.o file would be created in the class 
directory--or something like that), so I changed it to:

ASG_DIR = /nfs/stak/u1/g/goodwin/public_html/cs411/proj1/

...my directory, and ran make again.  It gave me:

mo 5% make      
Make: Don't know how to make 
/nfs/stak/u1/g/goodwin/public_html/cs411/proj1/osp.o.  Stop.
mo 6% 

I'm not sure what this is trying to tell me.  Is there something else we need to 
change in order to make this work?  Thanks!

--Will Goodwin

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