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RE: Proj 1 question (from me)

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, William Goodwin wrote:

> now I don't know.  What I did was copy the osp.o file over to my directory. I 
> left the ASG_DIR pointing to MY directory.  I touched the cpu.c and dialog.c 
> files so that new .o files would be created.  After I did this, make was able to 
> compile the .o files and generated the executable OSP.  ???  Go figure.  Seems 
> to me that the first versions of my cpu.o and dialog.o files were corrupted 

I've tried it on my account on the same system and it worked fine.  I
believe you must have just got a bad compiled version of dialog.c the
first time.  Removing *.o in your directory and remaking it probably would
have also worked.


You shouldn't have to mess with the Makefile, let me know if you have
problems.  Project #1 is ready to go, check the web page for instructions.
Defintely get started EARLY, pointer bugs are hard to find at 4am.  I'll
be going over the project next Monday in lecture, bring your questions.

Keith D. Vertanen                         "To know is nothing at all; 
Oregon State University	                   to imagine is everything."
vertanen@cs.orst.edu	                      -Anatole Thibault

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