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project #1 UPDATE

There have been some changes to project #1:

The project instructions have been updated to specify an alpha value
(0.30) to use in the exponential average.  A hint on how to store a
decimal number in the pcb hook has also been added.

The heavy.parms file in the project directory HAS BEEN CHANGED.  If you
have already copied the files from the directory, please recopy just this
file again.  All submissions and results should be with this new
parameters file.

A note about OSP statistics:

Occasionally when you run OSP, you will get what we like to refer to has
an "outlier".  If the statistics in one particular run is off by a order
of magnitude from your other runs, you should just throw out that run and
try again.  For example, normally if you get an IO turnaround time of
between 5000-7000 units, if you get an IO time of 99800 units, this is
probably an outlier.  I know this isn't terribly statisfying, but that is
the way it is...

Keith D. Vertanen                         "To know is nothing at all; 
Oregon State University	                   to imagine is everything."
vertanen@cs.orst.edu	                      -Anatole Thibault

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