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turning the project in

1) Please remove or comment out debugging printf's in your code.  If you
leave them in, the simulation.run file will get really big.

2) The answers to the questions and the table of results should be emailed
to cs411@engr as a plain text email message.  This is due at 9am Friday
just like the program.  

3) If I can't tell what your name is from your email address, you had
better put your name in the text of the message.

4) When you use the hand_in script, a copy of the code and the
simulation.run file is turned in.  You do NOT need to email another copy
of the simulation.run or the source code.

Keith D. Vertanen                         "To know is nothing at all; 
Oregon State University	                   to imagine is everything."
vertanen@cs.orst.edu	                      -Anatole Thibault

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