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project #1 grading criteria

Here are the grading criteria for the first project.  I've finished
grading them and you should soon be receiving a separate email with your
score.  The message will be sent to whatever email address you used when
submitting your writeup.

If you don't receive a score and you turned something in, please contact

Project #2
Total points 80

late					-80
doesn't compile				-80
core dumps				-80
no report submitted			-30
no stats in report			-10
no average/s.d. in report		-5
exponential average not implemented	-30
losing processes from ready queue	-15
ready queue not in correct order	-20
re-mallocing hook every time		-10
not assigning an initial hook value	-5
attaching anything that wasn't text	-10
no comments/unreadable code		-10
not answering some of the questions     -5
not answering most of the questions     -10

bonus for "going beyond the call of duty"   +5*

* (Thus it is possible for a score to be as high as 85/80)

Keith D. Vertanen                         "To know is nothing at all; 
Oregon State University	                   to imagine is everything."
vertanen@cs.orst.edu	                      -Anatole Thibault

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