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Re: aging and direction

> In your survival hint, you said, "Be sure you get this one really clean
> before you try to add the aging mechanism". In C-LOOK there is a
> possibility of starvation, while N-STEP C-LOOK is less unfair. I am not
> sure in which scheduling algorithm we should add the aging mechanism, and
> how to implement it. 

N-Step C-LOOK is the aging mechanism, we don't intend you to do anything
more than that.  Just think about whether a request can starve under
C-LOOK or under N-Step C-LOOK.  

> The other question is when we implement C-LOOK and N-STEP C-LOOK, do we
> ourselves have to select a direction, in which the disk-head moves without
> serving.

Yes, you have to select the direction.

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