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The project3 grader...

	Appears to be messed up....  It gave me weird results, and an
error....  the very first thing it asked me was if I wanted to
overwrite....  *shrugs*  I quit and backup'd all of my data, and then ran
it again and chose the overwrite option this time..  Then it gave me an 

Make: Don't know how to make memory.c.  Stop.

	And then it did all that it was 'supposed' to do...  I have no
idea what it overwrote -- I believe it was the previous execution of
whoever ran it, though...  anyway -- I looked at the simulation.run file
that it sent me, and it wasn't even close to being the results of what I
handed it..  So ---- are we going to get an extention on the due-date
because the hand-in script is messed up?


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