CS 551. Programming Graphical User Interfaces

Self-Study Exercises for Learning X and the Athena Widget Set

These exercises provide a hands-on introduction to the X Window System and the Athena widget set, provided as part of the standard (MIT) distribution of X. They are intended to be used by students enrolled in CS 551, and accompany the reading assignments from the following text and reference volumes:

[Note that the exercises assume you are using the Xt and Athena (not the Motif) versions of the books.]

It also should be noted that the code examples were designed assuming that the X-related files are installed in "standard" locations on the machine where compilation takes place. Some exercises make use of standard X clients as well. If your installation is incomplete, or if the X files were installed in unusual places, you may have problems with some activities.

Exercise Descriptions

Exercise 0: Setup Procedures for X Exercises
Exercise 1: X's "Standard Clients"
Exercise 2: Network Transparent X Access
Exercise 3: The Role of Window Managers
Exercise 4: Controlling Resource Settings
Exercise 5: Fonts and Font Resources
Exercise 6: Toggles and Radio Groups
Exercise 7: Dialogs
Exercise 8: Bitmaps, Icons, and Cursors
Exercise 9: Keyboard Shortcuts, Actions, and Menus

Exercise Files

The files needed to carry out the exercises are mounted on flop, the College of Engineering server.

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