CS552. User Interface Design

Assignment 1. Deriving Design Guidelines

Size of team: 1
What's due: Web page following example format, in a file called asst1.html.
When it's due: Midnight on Friday, April 5

Student solutions to the assignment.

To Do...

Read the Kiger paper and derive a set of 3-6 guidelines for organizing interface menus. Prepare this as you would the written portion of a class discussion.

Be sure to check the spelling and grammar of your text. You will be evaluated not just on the basis of what your ideas are, but also how professionally they are presented.

Collaborating with Others...

You may discuss the author's ideas with your classmates, but each student must derive his/her guidelines independently.

To Hand In...

Use the hand-in form to submit the location of a single HTML file containing your guidelines. Note that the directory you specify on the form should contain only one file - named asst1.html.