CS552. User Interface Design

Assignment 4. Design of a User Experiment

Size of team: 2 (Team A is Chisholm and Wang; Team B is Nelson and Schlatter)
What's due: Web page describing user experiment
When it's due: Midnight on Friday, May 5

To Do...

The purpose of this assignment is to design an experiment that follows and extends Prof. Burnett's earlier studies, as described in class. Note that you are not designing a usability test or a user satisfaction test for the Forms3 tool itself. Instead, you are mimicking the intention of the studies we are reading about this quarter. That is, you are trying to establish conclusive evidence concerning some very specific aspect of user interaction with graphical or Web-based interfaces, from which guidelines for improving interfaces might be derived.

Although there won't be enough time to actually conduct the experiment as part of this class, Prof. Burnett will review your designs and consider using them as the basis for her next round of tests. Describe the proposed experiment concisely and clearly. Be sure to include:

Note that your experimental design must be practical. As a "reality check," consider that this experiment would be carried out in Corvallis.

You will be graded according to how well thought out your design is and the likelihood that it will yield significant, useful information. This is your chance to put into action the ideas you've gleaned from the empirical studies we have read for the course.

Collaborating with Others...

You may discuss general ideas with any of your classmates, but each team should develop and describe its own experiment.

To Hand In...

Use the hand-in form to submit the location of a directory containing the HTML file that describes your experiment.