CS 552. User Interface Design

The materials available here are intended for the use of students enrolled in CS552 during Spring quarter, 1998.

Note that some class Web pages involve Java applets; to access them, you will need to use a Java-enabled browser (e.g., NetScape version 3.0 or later).

Catalog description and information on prerequisites. In addition, all students are expected to have experience writing HTML documents, and to be familiar with cgi-bin scripts, Javascript, or Java.

Syllabus of reading and homework assignments

Course objectives and policies

Class email archive

Take-home final exam

Hand-in form for final exam


Assignment 1: Deriving design guidelines
Assignment 2: Applying color, font, and menu guidelines
Assignment 3: Online documentation
Assignment 4: Design of a user experiment
Assignment 5: Icon design
Assignment 6: Usability Engineering

Guidelines and Discussion Materials

Guidelines relating to color
Guidelines relating to menus
Guidelines relating to documentation and error messages
Guidelines relating to icon design
Guidelines relating to user-centered design
Guidelines derived from the Kieras & Bovair paper (by Chisholm)
Guidelines derived from the Brooks paper (by Schlatter)
Guidelines derived from the Jeffries paper (by Wang)
Guidelines derived from the Nielsen paper (by class as a whole)

"Quote of the Week"

Mental and Conceptual Models
Documentation and Error Messages
Multilevel User Interfaces
Icon Design


Readings on Applied Color Theory
Readings on Menus and Screen Layout
Readings on Words and Text
Readings on Conceptual Models
References suggested by Dr. Browne

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Class email archive: www.cs.orst.edu/~pancake/cs552/archive