CS 552. User Interface Design

Syllabus and Assignments, Spring 1998

[All readings are from the course text unless otherwise indicated]

Day/Date Reading Lecture or Discussion Topic

T 3/31 Chapter 1 Introduction to human factors issues;
formulation of guidelines
H 4/2 Chapters 24, 3.1 No class
F 4/3 Kiger paper (menu organization) No class
F 4/3 Asst. 1 due at midnight Deriving design guidelines

T 4/7 Chapter 4 Discussion of Asst. 1; Color theory I
H 4/9 Chapter 17 Color theory II
F 4/10 Kieras/Bovair paper (conceptual models) User-centered design I

T 4/14 Chapters 5, 6.2 "How We Did It": Understanding user requirements (Cottel); accommodating user error
H 4/16 Chapters 7-7.3, 8-8.2 No class
F 4/17 Lewis/Norman paper (errors) No class
F 4/17 Asst. 2 due at midnight Applying color, font, and menu guidelines

T 4/21 Chapters 13.7, 15-15.2 Discussion of Kieras/Bovair and Lewis/Norman papers; accommodating user error
H 4/23 Chapters 29, 31 No class
F 4/24 Brooks paper (empirical studies) Accommodating user error

T 4/28 Chapter 20 "How We Did It": Empirical studies (Burnett)
T 4/28 Asst. 3 due at midnight Online documentation
H 4/30 no reading assignment No class
F 5/1 Jeffries paper Exam 1 (in class)

T 5/5 Chapter 27 No class
NOTE: Thursday class canceled due to Newsome's accident
H 5/7 Chapter 32 [would have been: "How We Did It": Participatory design (Newsome/Hanus)]
F 5/8 Fisk paper Icons and symbology I
F 5/8 Asst. 4 due at midnight User experiment design

T 5/12 Chapter 5 (review) Discussion of Brooks and Jeffries papers Icons and symbology II
H 5/14 Chapter 30 No class
F 5/15 Nielsen paper User-Centered Design II

T 5/19 Chapter 33 Discussion of Fisk paper; case study of user- centered design
T 5/19 Asst. 5 due at midnight Icon design
H 5/21 Chapter 34 "How We Did It": Usability testing (Browne); discussion of Neilsen paper
F 5/22 Simonsen paper No class

T 5/26 review Chapters 20 and 30.4 Task structure analysis and survey design
H 5/28 no reading assignment Discussion of Simonsen paper; case studies of usability testing
F 5/29 no reading assignment No class

S 5/30 Saturday morning Take-home final available on Web

M 6/1 Asst. 6 due at midnight Interface for multiple user levels
6/2-6/5 no reading assignment (work on take-home final)
F 6/5 Due at midnight Take-home final (in HTML)

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