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Brief Description of the Project:

One particularly frustrating aspect of parallel programming is that when your program crashes or hangs, it's difficult or impossible to determine how far execution got. This is further aggravated by the fact that when corefiles are available, the information they provide is often too low-level for the programmer to get a general picture of the status of the whole program.

The Lightweight Corefile Browser (LCB) offers a global, high-level view of the program'ss state when it terminated. It offers a simple and convenient way to determine answers to several critical questions:

  1. At what point in the source program did the culprit process fail and why?
  2. How did the culprit process get to that point?
  3. Is the culprit process the only one executing that routine? if not, which are the others?
  4. What other routines were executing when the program terminated?
  5. How far in the source program did each process execute?

Graphical browsing capabilities allow users to navigate through the potentially complex calling hierarchy of a program. By automatically assimilating the details from tens or hundreds of processes and presenting them in an abstracted summary form, LCB eliminates some of the frustration in dealing with parallel program failures.

Last updated February 6, 1996.

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