Application Program Interface for Generating Lightweight Corefiles

Version 1.1

The LCB Working Group proposes the following API for call(s) from within a parallel program. Each call would cause a lightweight corefile to be generated with the (approximate) current locations of processes/threads. It is expected that the file will follow the standardized format defined by the Working Group.

Fortran API

The suggested API for Fortran programs is:

LCB_GEN_COREFILE (<file_name>, <num_procs>, <proc_array>, <status_code>)


C Language API

The suggestion for the C language API is to use a function rather than a subroutine call:
int lcb_gen_corefile(
   char * file_name, 
   int num_procs,
   int * proc_array)
where the parameters have the same description as for Fortran with the exception that the status code is returned as the functional value.

Library Name

Executable(s) for the routine(s) should be stored in a library with the name libptools_ptr.lib-type; for example:

Revised to conform to standard naming conventions, 7 March 1996.

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