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Downloading the Current Version of LCB

The most recent LCB Working Group version of LCB is on the anonymous FTP site, in the directory pub/pancake. The files are README.XLcb and xlcb.5.23.96.tar.Z

Instructions for downloading LCB:

  1. An LCB installation requires the following software:

    If you need to determine whether or not Tcl/Tk is installed on your system, click here.

    If you need information on obtaining Tcl/Tk or GNU gcc, click here.

  2. See the LCB installation README.XLcb file. Note: you can save this file using your browser's File menu.

  3. Download the LCB compressed tar file.

  4. Follow the instructions given in README.XLcb.

If you have Tcl7.3/Tk3.6 installed, and do not wish to upgrade to Tcl7.4/Tk4.0, the previous version of LCB is still available but is no longer supported.

Also available is ipd2lcf, a translator to convert output from Intel's IPD debugger to the lightweight corefile format for use with LCB.
Last updated May 23, 1996.

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