Lightweight Corefile Browser:
Status Update October 4th, 1995

Updated Web pages

An updated version of the web pages is available at the following URL:
This site should provide better access times.

C and Fortran API

C and Fortran APIs for call(s) from within a parallel program that would cause a lightweight corefile to be generated with the (approximate) current locations of processes/threads are available from the LCB home page.

Reading from 'stdin'

Both the command line and the graphical version of the Lightweight Corefile browser can now read from the 'stdin' in addition to reading from a file. The new version should be available shortly.

Using the new file format

A new file format that was proposed and discussed over the e-mail reflector is being considered for integration into LCB. The new file format introduces new delimiters for field contents and will allow for multiple core files to be stored in a single file.

Capitalization of LCB procedures

Work is under way to develop the following documentation: