Determining whether the prerequisite software for MCF is installed on your system

To determine whether Tcl7.3/Tk3.6 is installed on your system:
  1. Go to the directory /usr/local/include and check tcl.h for its version number:
    	Prompt> cd /usr/local/include
    	Prompt> grep VERSION tcl.h
  2. Look for the line:
    	#define TCL_VERSION "7.3"
  3. In the same way, check /usr/local/include/tk.h for its version number:
    	Prompt> grep VERSION tk.h
  4. Look for the line:
    	#define TK_VERSION "3.6"
If you determine that your computer has an older or newer version of any of these software applications or the software is not in the place indicated above, it will be necessary for you to obtain and compile these versions. You should begin by contacting your system administrator for assistance, since the possibility exists that the software is on your system but in a non-standard location. Note that there are incompatibilities between the various versions of Tcl/Tk, and that MCF will not compile with Tcl7.4.

To determine whether gcc is installed on your system, type:

	Prompt> gcc -v
If the computer responds with gcc version 2.4.5 this means that gcc version 2.4.5 is installed. MCF will compile with this or a later version.

For information on obtaining Tcl7.3/Tk3.6, gcc, and gunzip (required for downloading gcc), Click here.