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Message Queue Manager: User's Manual

This document describes how the MQM user interface operates. It assumes you have the software available, either because you installed the current version of MQM's reference implementation for the interface or because you are following along with the Web-based demo of the Message Queue Manager.


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Invocation Syntax

For a demonstration of the graphical user interface once it has been installed, invoke MQM (no arguments):
        mqm &
(Note that the MQM interface displays information it receives from a debugger, the underlying message passing system, or some other type of execution monitor. The invocation syntax on a particular computer may vary depending on how MQM has been integrated.)

Overview of Message Queues

When MQM is launched, the Overview Display appears. The main viewing area contains a number of squares, each representing a process involved in program execution. Squares are numbered logically from left to right (i.e., row-wise ordering).

Main window of MQM, at startup. Processes 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 have no "receive" operations queued. Every other process has 1 receive in its queue.