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The Parallel Tools Consortium is in the process of defining a uniform API (Application Programmer's Interface) for a library of high resolution timers supported across current MPP and workstation platforms. The user community is extremely excited about this project - many sites have stated that this is their top priority for tool support.

The idea is to provide the most efficient (i.e., least intrusive) timers for each platform, via a standardized library interface. The timing routines are meant as interval timers only, and for the calling process/thread only. To minimize overhead, the timing routines that acquire timer values read the corresponding clock value and return an "opaque timer value" which is meaningless in itself (e.g., register values). To obtain a meaningful value, the user calls an interval calculating function, supplying two timer values; it is expected that these calls will be located in portions of the program where intrusiveness is less important.

PTR, then, is an attempt to provide users with a uniform access to timing facilities across a full range of parallel computers and workstation clusters, by establishing a uniform API (application program interface, or calling syntax and semantics) for interval timers measuring wallclock, user CPU, and system CPU time. The library implementations of that API will be platform-specific, but the way they are invoked is standard across platforms. The routines are callable from both Fortran and C programs.

The project was approved as a Ptools working group on December 15, 1994.

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