Beta Release for IBM machines running AIX

This page provides access to beta release versions of a reference implementation of the Portable Timing Routines. The beta version may have some errors; comments and suggestions are welcome.

PTR Version 0.3: IBM-PTR-0.3.tar.Z

Files included in the version 0.3 tar file

Makefile Makefile for this release
ptools_ptr_c.h The C header file
ptools_ptr_f.h The Fortran (77) header file
ptools_ptr_ibm.c Implementaion of C routines
ptools_ptr_ibm.c Wrappers for Fortran
c_example1.c C example of PTR use
c_example2.c Another C example file
f_example.f Fortran example file

Files created by make():

libptools_ptr.a Portable Timing Routines library (both C and Fortran)
c_example1 C example 1
c_example2 C example 2
f_example Fortran example
...and some object files

Compiling the library and example files:
The Makefile supplied for this release is very simple and should be changed to reflect the information of your local installation.

To compile the library and the example programs type: make
To compile just the library: make lib
To compile just the example programs: make tests
To remove all executables and object files: make clean

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