Beta Release for the Intel Paragon running OSF/1

This page provides access to beta release version of a reference implementation of the Portable Timing Routines. The beta version may have some errors; comments and suggestions are welcome.

Tar file: Paragon-PTR-0.1.tar.Z

Files included in the tar file

README Readme file with most of the information on this page
Makefile Makefile for this release
ctimer.h The C header file
ftimer.h The Fortran (77) header file
ptr.c Implementaion of C routines
fptr.c Implementation of Fortran routines
ptrf.f Fortran template for PTR routines
example.c C example of PTR use

Files created by make():

libptr.a Portable Timing Routines library (both C and Fortran)
ctest C example
...and some object files

Compiling the library and example files:
The Makefile supplied for this release is very simple and should be changed to reflect the information of your local installation. (This version has been tested with cc, gcc and pgcc - Portland Group's C compiler).

To compile the library and the example programs type: make
To compile just the library: make lib
To compile just the example programs: make tests
To remove all executables and object files: make clean

Questions and comments to