We Need Your Support

As an individual or an organization you can support our effort in several ways. Obviously, you can join the PTR working group and participate in the ongoing discussions about PTR.

If You Work for an HPC Vendor

We need your help in providing the users with the most efficient timing mechanisms for your company's platform(s). We also realize that you have constraints in terms of maintenance, product support, and so forth. Therefore, Ptools is willing to make your routines or mechanisms available "anonymously" to the general community. That is, your company will not need to assume any responsibility for the accuracy or longevity of the mechanism.

There are three ways you can supply the needed mechanisms:

Vendors may choose to support the project at any level, although implementation priority will be given to those who provide higher level support. Regardless of the level of support, vendors will be asked to provide information about the accuracy and overhead associated with the functions.

If You're an HPC User

We need users' help in

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Parallel Tools Consortium home page

For further information, contact kennino@cs.orst.edu.