Supercomputing'95 Ptools Questionnaire on Parallel Tools

Q. 1. Favorite parallel tool - what do you like about it?

General responses are given first, then specific tools in alphabetic order. One respondent gave two answers.
programming languages (8 responses) none (6 responses) no particular tool named (2 responses) AIMS from NASA Ames (1 response) BBN's TotalView Debugger (4 responses) BBN's Uniform System Library (1 response) cxdb (1 response) DAQV - Distributed Array Query and Visualization (1 response) IBM Systems Monitor for AIX (1 response) IMPACT from Bannsoft[?] (1 response) mppview (1 response) ParaGraph (1 response) SGI's cvperf (1 response) Thinking Machine's Prism (2 responses) PTOPP from CSRD at the Univ. of Illinois (1 response) Symbolic Lisp Machine (1 response) Upshot Program Visualization System (1 response)
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Last updated February 8, 1996.