Supercomputing'95 Ptools Questionnaire on Parallel Tools

Q. 2. Least favorite parallel tool - what do you dislike about it?

General responses are given first, then specific tools in alphabetic order.
none / undecided (12 responses) no particular tool named (7 responses) programming languages (3 responses) Convex's Partition Manager (1 response) Cray Research's Apprentice (2 responses) Cray Research's Tools (1 response) cvperf on the Intel Paragon (1 response) IBM's Load Leveler (1 response) IBM's parallel debugger (1 response) Intel Paragon Port of OSF/1 Operating System (1 response) MQM - Message Queue Manager (1 response) PDM (1 response) Upshot Program Visualization System (1 response)
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Last updated February 8, 1996.