About the Pinball Map

PinballMap.com is a crowdsourced pinball locator, showing all the public pinball machines in select regions of North America.

As pinball machines are constantly being added and removed from various location, pinball enthusiasts can use this site to know where the games they might like to play are currently located. It also helps players find new locations to play that they may have never known about before.

The Pinball Map API was released to the public as the Pinball Map phone apps were being developed.

About the Pinball Map API

The Pinball Map API contains resources about:

The purpose of this guide is to explore uses of the data available in this API which are not already features of pinballmap.com.

Specifically this guide will address how to have your website pull from the API to have the machines at a current location dynamically updated as well as a tutorial of possible analytics that can be performed with the available data.

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