Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) for the Radniecki Lab is embodied in the general OSU CHP combined with the following standard operating procedures and safety instructions found on SafetyWeb and OSU's EH&S website.  All members of the Radniecki Lab must be familiar with these materials and will receive hands-on training in any relevant procedures.

Coworkers are expected to adhere to the laboratory attire policy of the Department of Chemistry (clothing covers from shoulders to ankles, closed toed shoes, long pants) and must wear required personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times in the laboratory.  At a minimum, PPE comprises of a laboratory coat, nitrile/latex gloves and approved safety glasses or safety goggles. 

All lab users must review the safety information below and the relevant safety data sheets (SDS) and standard operating procedures (SOP) before beginning work and have signed an Acknowledgement of Safety T raining form within the past 12 months.

Useful Safety Links

OSU Chemical Hygiene Plan

Lab Safety Training Online

Fire Extinguisher Use

Chemical Storage

Waste Disposal

Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation

Centrifuge Safety

Chemical Container Labeling

Comfortable Computing

Drying Ovens

Eye and Face Protection

Eyewash and Safety Shower

Glove Use

Lab Fume Hood Safety

Lab Hazard Sign

Laboratory Safety

Gas Cylinder Safety

Lone Working Practices

Autoclave Safety Instructions

Ethidium Bromide Safety Instructions

Flammable Storage in Refrigerators and Freezers

Hazardous Waste Determination and Waste Pickup Process

Hazardous Waste Types

Infectious Waste Disposal

Wastewater Disposal Guidelines

Ultraviolet Light Safety

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

MSDS Online

Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs)

Handling Concentrated Acids SOP

Spill Response - Biohazards

Spill Response - Chemicals

Autoclave SOP