Current Research Projects

Environmental Implications and Applications of Nanotechnology

  • Characterizing silver nanoparticle toxicity towards Nitrosomonas europaea: Understanding the risk posed by nanotechnology to nitrification in engineered and natural systems.

  • Environmental applications of photocatalytic nanotechnology for the treatment of stormwater, surface water and concentrated waste streams.

Sustainable Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
  • Enhancing methane production in wastewater anaerobic digesters through the co-digestion of fats, oils and grease (FOG).
  • Investigating the development of antibiotic resistance in environmental bacteria exposed to environmental concentrations of pharmaceuticals.

  • Development of immobilized anammox technologies for wastewater treatment

Treatment of Stormwater with Green Infrastructure

  • Long-term characterization of traditional rain gardens for the treatment of stormwater contaminants.

  • Redesigning rain gardens for the efficient removal of PAHs, PCBs, PFASs and heavy metals

Completed Research Projects

  • Creation of tropical plant-based constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in Nigeria.
  • Simultaneous treatment of landfill leachate and domestic wastewater.
  • Determining the ecotoxicity of oil dispersants and the resulting dispersed oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Creation of nitrification inhibition biosensors: Identification of 'sentinel genes' to indicate the presence of heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Probing the global gene expression patterns of unsequenced microorganisms: The creation of a novel shotgun DNA microarray.