Top Hat Framing has an wide variety of answers to the problem of retrofitting and recovering existing metal roofs that need strengthening or are at the end of their life. The TopHat Subframe increases wind uplift capacity by up to 47% compared to Roof Hugger.

For current metal roofs at nearing the end of their functional life, TopHat Framing Systems’ Subframe proves the industry’s strongest metal roof retrofit. TopHat Framing Systems’ patented system can be installed over almost any standing seam or thru-fastened panels roofs. Custom punchouts distances can be configured for unusual or out-of-spec roofs.

By leaving the current roof in place, material and labor costs are minimized and the safety of installation is vastly improved resulting in an final cost that is competitive with single-ply roofing. The process of roll-forming endows subframe components with the ability to span bays with no splices, reducing installation time and and improving the end-result.

TopHat Framing Systems offers state of the art, strict code-compliant solutions for existing roofs that have reached the end of their lifespan.

A new metal roof overlay strengthens, improves energy-efficiency, and adds many years of service life without disrupting your day to day business operations.