Intro to Cryptography
Oregon State University, Winter 2017

Cryptography is about using computation to protect information in the presence of adversarial behavior. In this course, you will learn how to reason about security properties in a mathematically rigorous way. You will learn the fundamental building blocks of cryptography: pseudorandom functions, encryption, hash functions, message authentication, key agreement.


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We will be using my free textbook, The Joy of Cryptography. The textbook is still in draft form, and may be updated often during the quarter.

  1. Review of Concepts & Notation
  2. One-Time Pad
  3. The Basics of Provable Security
  4. Secret Sharing
  5. Basing Cryptography on Limits of Computation
  6. Pseudorandom Generators
  7. Pseudorandom Functions
  8. Pseudorandom Permutations
  9. Security against Chosen Plaintext Attacks
  10. Block Cipher Modes of Operation
  11. Chosen Ciphertext Attacks
  12. Message Authentication Codes
  13. Hash Functions
  14. The RSA Function
  15. Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement
  16. Public-Key Encryption
  17. Everything


Other helpful references: