Tanks - 2017

ROLE: Game Developer



Please refer to section 9 of the manual in "Description of Technology" segment to see how to get the game running. All version require OpenGL and OpenAL installed. Feel free to contact me on this with regards to this project. The disclaimer of this project could be found here.


  • This project was developed as final project for one of my classes. However, due to its potential I decided to continue the development process. This game is a purely OpenGL project with everything, including the game engine was developed from ground up. It was a very fascinating project and it was a great experience to start from a simple" hello worls" program in C++ and endup with a fully functioning game within the span of few weeks.

Problem statement:

  • A game needed to be devloped that had the following requirments:
    • Light and fast with atleast 60 FPS.
    • Competetive
    • A wide variety of options for map
    • Random Map Generation
    • Easy map development for anyone with or without programming skills
    • Audio and sound support
    • Support 2 player locally
    • Support 2 players over lan
    • support 2 players over internet
    • AI with machine learning capabilities


Description of Technology: