Current Courses:

Winter 2017: CS569: Empirical Lab Studies of Software Development
This a four-credit course graduate course. This course will cover how you go about designing, preparing for, running, analyzing, and writing-for-publication lab experiments of programming situations involving human subjects. This is an end-to-end coverage of the entire process, and will put you in a position to conduct lab studies of your own with human subjects subjects and guidelines in how to analyze the study results.
Canvas will have all the details about the course.

Winter 2017: CS361: Software Engineering
This is a four-credit undergraduate course. Software has become ubiquitous, helping you in opening the garage door to deploying the mars rover. But software doesn’t just grow on trees. Somebody has to carefully design and create the software in a way that actually addresses the problem without making it worse, without incurring excessive costs, and without creating troublesome new problems. That’s called “engineering”. This course will give you the skills needed to analyze big problems, discover the requirements for a solution, design a solution, and manage the solution’s implementation.
Canvas will have all the details about the course.

Past Courses at OSU:

Spring 2016: CS569: Empirical Software Engineering (data analysis)
Winter 2016: CS519: Sensemaking in Software Development
Fall 2015: CS361 Software Engineering

Past Courses at UNL:

CSCE 361 – Software Engineering – Fall (2011, 2012, 2013)
CSCE 378 – Human Computer Interaction
– Spring (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015)
CSCE 990 – Empirical Software Engineering
– Fall 2010, Spring 2012, Fall 2013
CSCE 496/896 – Coordination in Global Software DevelopmentFall 2009, Spring 2015