About Me

I'm a PhD candidate in Dr. Matthew Johnston's Sensors and Integrated Microelectronics (SIM Lab) at Oregon State University. My research is focused on the design of CMOS-based sensing systems for various application scenarios such as high-energy physics, environmental and biological to name a few.

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A key challenge in making a successful sensor system is to extract physical information (vibration, flow rate, radioactivity, etc.) from the electrical signals provided by a transducer as efficiently (low power, small area) as possible without sacrificing too much performance (noise, resolution, speed, linearity). This involves exploring various interesting trade-offs in the design of the analog/mixed-signal interface circuits. In addition, one often needs a good understanding of the application itself which makes the work somewhat inter-disciplinary. Even though this can be quite challenging, it is also an extremely rewarding process.


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1148 Kelley Engineering Center,
Corvallis, OR - 97331
E-mail: sengupts at oregonstate dot edu