Matthew Shuman
Office: KEC 1115
Office Phone Number: 737-1072

Recent Projects
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Past Projects
Date Project Name Links
Spring 2011 OSURC University Rover Challenge 2011 Mars Rover Website
2011 Mars Rover Design Report
Spring 2010 OSURC University Rover Challenge 2010 Mars Rover Website
2010 Development website for OSU students/staff only
Spring 2010 IARC 2010 Aerial Website
Fall 2009 Grandpa's Biography Hollis Ottaway's Account of WWII
Spring 2008 OSURC University Rover Challenge Photo of the Stock Rover (pdf)
Photo of the Customized Rover (pdf)
Photo of the Utah Landscape (pdf)
Log of our progress (html)
Winter 2008 ECE 570 Report on Specialty Processors in Computer Architecture Final Report (pdf)
Fall 2006 Making an NES controlled toy Final Report (htm)
Fall 2006 Fixing my 1981 Mercedes (Charlotte the 1st) Final Report (htm)
Spring 2005 Designing an Automated Biodiesel Reactor Final Report (htm)
Fall 2003 Painting the Family Car Photos (htm)