Backpacking in the Cascades, next to OSU

Matthew W. Shuman

Instructor in EECS at OSU

PhD Student in Robotics at OSU

Office Hours for Winter 2020:
Monday 1100-1300, in KEC 1115
Tuesday 1300-1500, in KEC 1115
OSU Office: Kelley Engineering Center 1115
OSU Phone: 541-737-1072

I'm a 3rd generation Beaver, GO OSU (grandparents in 1940's & father in 1992)! I was raised in Madras, Oregon and graduated in 2001. In 2006 I graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in EE, with a MS in ECE from OSU in 2008, was hired as an ECE Instructor in 2008, and earned a MBA from OSU in 2013. In 2016, I started a PhD in Robotics from OSU, with an anticipated graduation in 2021, two decades after arriving on campus. In 2019 I dropped the PhD program to focus on course instruction and was promoted to Senior Instructor. My grandparents once advised me to stay in education as long as feasible, because years spent at the university are the best years of your life. I agree.

Framed pictures of past student workers in my office

Current Teaching Interests

Education is incredibly important to me. Students arrive at OSU, and within a few years they develop from naive first year students, to competent engineering graduates that secure great jobs. It's incredibly rewarding to have past students tell me that they've secured a job at Intel, SpaceX, NASA, NVidia, or any of the many companies that hire ECE graduates. My teaching philosophy focuses on developing the skills nessessary for my students to become independent lifelong learners.

Prior Publications

Fall 2008, A Manipulative Rich Approach to First Year Electrical Engineering Education
Fall 2008 Work in Progress - Implementing a Freshman Mentor Program
Fall 2008 Work in Progress - Improving Self-efficacy with a Freshman Mentor Program

Prior Projects

Summer 2018, Faculty Advisor of Mars Rover (Large MP4)
Winter 2016, Coach of FRC Team 955 (html)
Spring 2015, Applied Robotics (YouTube)
Spring 2013, Thesis for MBA (pdf)
Spring 2011, OSURC Mars Rover Design Report (pdf)
Spring 2010, OSURC Touchdown with Mars Rover (YouTube)
Fall 2009, Grandpa's Account of WWII (pdf)
Spring 2008, OSURC University Rover Challenge (Large VOB file)
Spring 2008, Article for Robot Magazine in (pdf)
Winter 2008, ECE 570 Report on Specialty Processors in Computer Architecture (pdf)
Winter 2007, Final SumoBot Competition for OSURC (YouTube)
Fall 2006, Making an NES Controlled Toy (html)
Fall 2006, Fixing my 1981 Mecedes 300SD (html)
Spring 2005, Designing an Automated Biodiesel Reactor (html)

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)