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What to turn in for your lab assignments

Visit the ModelSim Homepage to get free Eval version of the VHDL simulation tool Model Sim Technology

Visit the Examplar Homepage to get a LeonardoSpectrum Demo Exemplar

Xilinx's phone Number is 408-559-7778. Please call them or fill up an online webpage for a databook

Visit the Xilinx Homepage for many good applicaiton notes and data sheets - Xilinx

Visit the Orcad Homepage for many good applicaiton notes and data sheets - OrCad

Visit the Viewlogic Homepage for many good applicaiton notes and data sheets - Viewlogic

Visit the Mentor Graphics Homepage Mentor Graphics

Course Information

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes

Week 1

  • Introduction and FPGA Design Paradimg
  • Introduction to VHDL
  • Review of Digital Design
  • Week 2

  • Review of Digital Design (Continue)
  • VHDL Modeling Overview
  • Structural Specification
  • Introduction to tools
  • Week 3

  • VHDL Constructs
  • More on tools - Leonardo Synthsis Tool
  • Week 4

  • Introduction to FPGA/CPLD Architectures
  • Xilinx CLB Architecture and Design Examples
  • Introduction to Xilinx' Implementation Tools
  • Week 5

  • More on FPGA/CPLD Architectures
  • VHDL Constructs (Continue)
  • LAB examples
  • Week 6

  • More on Dataflow Description
  • State Machine Specifications
  • Overloading
  • Week 7

  • Lab Assignment #3 Postscript File
  • Bresenham's circle algorithm explanation
  • Attributes
  • Behavior Description
  • Week 8

  • Synthesis
  • Other finer points of VHDL
  • Timing Methodology
  • Week 9

  • Coding Style
  • Using VHDL for Programmable Logic Design
  • GSR with logic
  • How to use DCI
  • How to use DCM
  • Lab3 Examples
  • Week 10

  • Design of a CPU - Par-1
  • VHDL codes for i8051
  • Original page for i8051
  • Other Topics
  • Design for Test
  • Week 11

  • Project

  • Lab Assignments

    UCF file for Lab #1 pin outs

    UCF file for Lab #3 pin outs

    Mentor Graphics Tutorial

    Old Lab Notes (Postscript File)

    Lab Assignment #1 MSWord File

    Lab Assignment #2 MSWord File

    Lab Assignment #3 Postscript File

    Lab Assignment #3 Circle.c

    Example Lab Assignment #4 OSU8 Microprocessor

    Labs I have received and graded (before 11/25/01)

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