This page lists the classes that I teach in the School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State University. For the classes that I used to teach in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, you should click here.

ME 430 / ECE 451: Systems Dynamics and Control

This in an introduction to classical linear systems dynamics and control systems. Last taught in the winter of 2013.

From the course catalog:

Modeling and analysis of linear continuous systems in time and frequency domains. Fundamentals of single-input-single-output control system design. Crosslisted as ECE 451. Prereqs: (ME 317 or (ECE 351 and ECE 352 and (ENGR 212 or ENGR 212H) )

ME 451: Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurement Systems

This is an introduction to sensors for mechanical engineers. It covers how some common sensors work, how to interpret their output, and how to deal with uncertainty in the measurements. The class has labs, using LabVIEW software, to give you some practical experience of using sensors. Last taught in the spring of 2013.

From the course catalog:

Function, operation, and application of common mechanical engineering instruments, measurement principles, and statistical analysis. Major elements of measurement systems, including transduction, signal conditioning, and data recording. Function and operation of digital data acquisition systems. Lec/lab. Prereqs: ( (ENGR 202 or ENGR 202H) and (ME 311 or ME 311H) and ME 316 and ME 317 and (ME 373 or ME 373H) and (ST 314 or ST 314H) )