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Sheila Tejada


The 2004 Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition
William D. Smart, Sheila Tejada, Bruce A. Maxwell, Ashley Stroupe, Jennifer Casper, Adam Jacoff, Holly Yanco, and Magdalena Bugajska.
AI Magazine 26(2), 2005.


Integrating Education and Real Research
James Garner, Keith Bennett, William D. Smart, David J. Bruemmer, Douglas A. Few, and Christine M. Roman.
In "Accessible Hands-on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Education: Papers from 2004 AAAI Spring Symposium", Lloyd Greenwald, Zachary Dodds, Ayanna Howard, Sheila Tejada, and Jerry Weinberg (eds)., pages 129-133, March 2004.
AAAI Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition: Papers from the 2004 AAAI Workshop
Frederick Crabbe, William D. Smart, and Sheila Tejada (eds).
Technical report WS-04-11, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 2004.