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Holly Yanco


The 2004 Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition
William D. Smart, Sheila Tejada, Bruce A. Maxwell, Ashley Stroupe, Jennifer Casper, Adam Jacoff, Holly Yanco, and Magdalena Bugajska.
AI Magazine 26(2), 2005.


2003 AAAI Robot Competition and Exhibition
Bruce A. Maxwell, William D. Smart, Adam Jacoff, Jennifer Casper, Brian Weiss, Jean Scholtz, Holly Yanco, Mark Micire, Ashley Stroupe, Dan Stormont, and Tom Lauwers.
AI Magazine 25(2), 2004.
How to Trust Robots Further than We Can Throw Them
David J. Bruemmer, Douglas A. Few, Michael Goodrich, Donald Norman, Nilanjan Sarkar, Jean Scholtz, William D. Smart, Mark L. Swinson, and Holly Yanco.
In "Proceedings of the CHI 2004 panel on "How to Trust Robots Further than We Can Throw Them"", 2004.


AAAI Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition: Papers from the AAAI Workshop
William D. Smart, Tucker Balch, and Holly Yanco (eds).
Technical report WS-02-18, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 2002.