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The WURDE Robotics Middleware and RIDE Multi-Robot Tele-Operation Interface

Frederick Heckel, Timothy M. Blakely, Michael Dixon, Chris Wilson, and William D. Smart.
In "AAAI Mobile Robot Competition 2006: Papers from the AAAI Workshop", pages 10-14, Boston, MA, July 2006.

Available in AAAI Technical Report WS-06-15.

We have developed highly modular middleware for robotics programming and an interface for multi-robot teleoperation. WURDE provides abstractions for the communications, applications, and systems levels of robotic system development, which helps to isolate the developer from details not essential to the immediate task. RIDE is a control interface inspired by real time strategy games for tasking multiple robots at the same time, which increases the situational awareness of the operator and allows a single person to control many more robots than with single-robot interfaces. In this paper, we describe WURDE and RIDE and discuss how they were used in the 2006 AAAI Mobile Robot Competition and exhibition.

Paper: [PDF]

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