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AAAI Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition: Papers from the AAAI Workshop

William D. Smart, Tucker Balch, and Holly Yanco (eds).
Technical report WS-02-18, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 2002.

This workshop is intended as a forum for discussion, exchange of points of view, assessment of results and methods, and as a source of dissemination and promotion of the newest advances in the area of spatial and temporal reasoning. Recent years have witnessed remarkable advances in some of the longstanding problems of the field (for instance, new results about tractability for spatial calculi, explicit construction of models, characterization of important subclasses of relations), as well as in the development of new areas (the appearance of new integrated spatiotemporal calculi is one example, as well as the development of multi-dimensional spatial calculi). Likewise, proposals have been made to remedy some of the weak points of the symbolic approach, by introducing fuzzy versions of classical calculi, or importing nonmonotonic techniques for dealing with incomplete information. At the same time, leaders in AI have sounded the need for solving real problems and making the work on representation and reasoning relevant to the real world. Around forty participants will be selected to attend the workshop, contributing and participating in discussions. Accepted papers will be included in the workshop working notes to be distributed by AAAI. Screening will be based on reviews and relevance to the workshop goals.

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