Coverage in the Press

Some of our work has been covered by the press over the years. Some of the more interesting and widely-disseminated pieces are collected on this page, along with some other articles where I've been quoted. Several of the stories here hit the news wires or the blogosphere, so there are probably other versions of them out there. I'm sure that Google can help you find them, if you're interested.

If you're a journalist interested in finding out more about our research, let me know, and we can set up a time to talk.

The Bend Bulletin, 30 March, 2015
This is a piece about a new Baxter robot in Bend, OR. It's pretty high-level, but we've got a couple of quotes and it mentions the NSF-funded Ebola work that we're doing.

New Scientist, 3 December, 2014
Primarily a piece about some work being done up at UW by Maya Cakmak, looking at privacy in telepresence systems. We're doing very similar stuff, and we're mentioned briefly a the end of the piece.

The Boston Globe, 8 November, 2014
A brief name-check for some work we presented at an NSF/OSTP workshop on using robots in the fight against the current Ebola outbreak. The workshop was held at WPI, and looked at how we could use robots to support healthcare workers in the field as they care for people with Ebola. We showed a prototype of a teleoperation interface for the PR2 that would let a healthcare worker stay further from contaminated materials, like dirty linens, while still doing their job effectively. The PR2 is absolutely the wrong robot for this, but it's a decent platform for figuring out what the right robot is.

OSU Terra Magazine, 10 October, 2014
This is a nice piece about some of the work we're doing adapting powered wheelchairs to navigate autonomously using the ROS navigation stack. The piece focuses mostly on the undergraduates who have been driving the work.

The Journal of Things We Like (Lots), 3 October, 2014
This is a (somewhat flattering) review of a paper Neil Richards and I wrote for the first We Robot conference a couple of years ago, which has subsequently been turned into a book chapter. The reviewer really seems to get the point that we were trying to make, which is a refreshing change of pace.

Oregon State University Honors College Blog, 14 February, 2014
A pretty good piece on some of the work a group of Honors College Students have been doing in the lab over the past year.
[article], 10 May, 2013
About a year after we wrote it, Slashdot picked up on a piece I wrote with legal scholar Neil Richards, on how we need to think hard about how we talk about robots to legal community, since it will have a real effect on the sorts of laws they enact. Typical Slashdot thread, with a few interesting comments swimming in a sea of craziness. Bonus: someone puts "Professor" in scare-quotes and calls me an idiot. Ah, Slashdot.

Al Arabiya, 20 April, 2013
This is a piece about the Iranian regional RoboCup competition, and how it was up to the standards of other international RoboCup events. It quotes a few foreigners who were at the event, including me.

Fast Company, 1 February, 2013
This is a pretty interesting piece about some legged robots with evolved controllers. I'm briefly quoted saying that with this sort of approach, you swap writing tricky gait-control code for writing tricky machine learning code.

The New York Times, 8 July, 2012
A pretty comprehensive article about robots in the theatre, covering a number of people working in the area. On page 2, it talks about our "Forgiveness" piece, written by Anna Pileggi and performed at Washington University as part of our workshop on Robots and Theatre.

net.wars blog, 24 April, 2012
A great blog piece about the first We Robot conference on Law and Robotics. It leads off with a description of the discussion around the paper that I wrote with Neil Richards about how we shouldn't anthropomorphise robots when we talk to lawers, because they'll get confused and end up making poor laws. A pretty good summary of the main themes that came out during the conference.

St. Louis Business Journal, 14 October, 2011
A short piece about our new PR2 robot, and a very high-level look at some of the work we're doing in the lab at Washington University.

New Scientist, 4 September, 2008
This is a story about a tutorial that I organized with Lara Bovilsky at Ro-Man 2008 on how our experiences with fictional robots in literature and film influences how we interact with real robots.

Science Daily, 4 August, 2008
Doug Few, collaborator and former student in the lab, and I got interviewed about the increasing use of robots in the military. The piece is most notable for Doug's great metaphor explaining intelligence in robot systems.

Washington University, 4 August, 2008
This is a reworking of the Science Daily story of the same date. I've included it here only for the pithy subtitle that some wag in the press office added: "The Few, the Smart, the Robots". Sigh.

Children's Discovery Institute, 16 April, 2008
This is a story about the brain-machine interface work that we've been doing with our collaborators in Neurological Surgery. The piece was written for the CDI, which also funded the work, so it's perhaps a bit on the glowing side.

ZDNet, 23 March, 2007
This is one of the pieces about Action Jackson, a robot we built to produce paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock. The original piece was in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, but it seems not to be available any more. There are a number of pieces like this ZDNet one, but is one of the better-written ones.

The Brechin Advertiser, 30 December, 2004
I come from a small town in Scotland. That town has a local newspaper, which did a piece on me and my robot. Very much a "local boy makes good" story, but pretty well-written for all that.

Washington University, 20 October, 2003
This is a piece about our winning entry into the AAAI/IJCAI 2003 Mobile Robot Competition. The goal of the robot was to "be a graduate student" at the conference: the robot starts at the front door, follows signs to the registration desk, interacts with he human there to register, navigates to a talk location, and then gives a technical talk. We borrowed a B21r from the Real World Interface booth, swapped in the hard drives from our own B21r, and did pretty well in all of the categories.

BBC News, 20 October, 2002
This is the first major piece about the Robot Photographer project. We were interviewed at SIGGRAPH 2002, where we were showing off the system in the Emerging Technologies track. This piece was one of the better ones about the project, and resulted in a short segment on the BBC World Service radio broadcast. It was also responsible for the project hitting the news wires, and getting the wide coverage that it did.
[article], 3 September, 2002
One of several pieces on tech websites about the Robot Photographer project. This one is particularly interesting for how quickly it devolves into an argument about Linux vs. Windows, and for the defensive posts from actual photographers who didn't understand that we didn't really care about photography.