Email: termehca [at]
Address: 3053 Kelley Engineering Center, Corvallis, OR 97330-5501

I am an assistant professor at the School of EECS, Oregon State University. I lead the Information and Data Management and Analytics (IDEA) Lab at OSU. We tackle problems in the areas of Big Data, Databases, and Data Science. We create systems with principled foundations that enable users to explore and analyze large data sets easily and effectively and help them unlock the value of data. I did my PhD in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


  • We will demonstrate Universal DB, our representation independent graph analytic system, in VLDB 2015.
  • New preprint on using taxonomies to automatically design databases.
  • Our work on Database Schema Optimization will appear in ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS).
  • Congratulations to Farhana for winning a Rickert Scholarship!
  • Check out our recent paper on representation independent data analytics. Because the results of current data mining and machine learning algorithms depend how their input databases are represented, developers have to spend great deal of time and resources to transform the databases to their desired representations for these algorithms. The paper argues for representation independent methods for data analytics.
  • Congratulations to Amirhossein for being named a Siebel Scholar !
  • Thanks to NSF for supporting our research through award "III-Generalizable Similarity and Proximity Metrics For Data Exploration". The grant will fund our work on representation independent graph analytics.
  • We will present three papers in SIGMOD/PODS 2014: Yodsawalai presents a paper on graph analytics in GRADES workshop, Jose presents our work on scalable relational learning in BUDA workshop, and Arash presents a paper on cost-effective database design over large data sets in SIGMOD. Come by and join us!
  • Congratulations to Jose for winning a Rickert Scholarship!

Recent Papers

Selected Awards

  • Feng Chen Memorial Award, 2012.
  • Best Student Paper Award, ICDE'11, 2011.
  • Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award, 2011.
  • ICDE Best Papers Selection, 2011.

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