• RIDE: Representation Independent Data Exploration

    The output of database exploration and analytics algorithms highly depend on the structure and representation of their input data. To use current database analytics algorithms, users have to find the desired representation for these algorithms and transform (wrangle) their data to these representations. These tasks are hard and time-consuming and major obstacles for unlocking the value of data. RIDE aims at developing algorithms that return the desired results no matter how their input data is represented. Check out our vision paper and other papers at the publication page for more information.

    Funding: NSF Award Number 1423238 and REU Supplement, AFRL.

  • CHAIN: Strategic Communication of Humans And Information Systems

    Because humans and information systems express information in different forms and languages, they do not usually communicate effectively: users cannot precisely express their information needs and database systems do not understand users' information needs. As users and database systems are rational agents, they can interact to reach a common language for expressing information. CHAIN aims at designing strategies and interfaces that enable users and database systems to establish an effective mutual understanding fast. It leverages concepts from game theory to analyze the interaction between users and database systems and find its eventual stable states. Check out our paper and manuscript on this topic for more information.

    Funding: OSU.

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