#1. This is the content of your page. Anything you insert in the body area of index.php or any new pages will show up in this region.

#2. This is a template for all subpages in your site. It does not include the code for the rotating images as on in index.php. Make copies and rename them as you see fit.

#3. This is the include file for content in the footer of your pages. This will be on every page. Edit this file, but do not change it’s name or move it. If you do not want anything in this region, delete or comment out the contents of the file and save.

#4. This is the menu/sidebar for all pages you create using this template.

#5. This the top menu for all pages using this template

#6. Any jpg images you put in this folder will show up on the front page rotating image block. Make sure new images are the same size as the example files already provided. You can delete the examples when you have your own images if you like.

If you do not want a rotating image block on your front page, Delete the following code from your index.php file:

<div class="noedit">
<?php include("/nfs/ca/info/web/inc/nivo-rotator.php"); ?>