Travis & Alison Water (white) rinsing PAM (blue)

Complex Fluids and Soft Solids Laboratory

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News and Updates

  • 2017.09.01 Defense: Y. Mao. Transient Microrheological Characterization of Biogels. M.S. thesis, Oregon State University (2017).
  • 2017.08.25 Defense: B.M. Swann. Leveraging Fluids with Weak Yield Stress for Directed Alignment and Distribution of Magnetic Disks in Novel Inks. M.S. thesis, Oregon State University (2017).
  • 2017.07.14 Presentation: We will be giving two talks (1,2) and one poster (1) at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • 2017.06.12 Presentation: We will be giving three talks (1,2,3) and two posters (1,2) at The Society of Rheology 89th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.
  • 2016.06.05 Defense: Oldenkamp, H.F. Phase study and rheological evaluation of the gelation of xanthan gum with chromium (III) nitrate. UHC thesis, OSU (2017).
  • 2017.04.17 Publication: K.A. Marshall, A.M. Liedtke, A.H. Todt, T.W. Walker. Extensional Rheometry with a Handheld Mobile Device. Exp. Fluids. 58, 6 (2017).
  • 2017.03.16 Defense: K.A. Marshall. Extensional Characterization of Weakly-Viscoelastic Fluids: Methods & Applications. M.S. thesis, Oregon State University (2017).
  • 2017.03.16 Defense: A. Srivastava. Investigating the Effect of Tetrahydrofuran (THF) Plasticizer on the Crystallization and Solvent Seaming of PET/NPG Copolymer Films. M.S. thesis, Oregon State University (2017).
  • 2017.01.24 Grant: NSF CBET PMP. PI: T.W. Walker. "CAREER: Engineering Designer Composite Materials -- Magnetically Controlling Filler Alignment of Oblate Spheroids in Novel Thermoset Metamaterials," $548,491. 2017.04.01-2022.03.31. [Link]