Introduce Yourself!

Due: Mon, Sep 25, 5pm


In this assignment you will tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. This will help me get to know you, and also help me gauge the general background of the class.

The goals of this assignment are to:

  • Ensure that you can use the TEACH interface and follow directions correctly.
  • Provide me with useful information for providing effective explanations and structuring the rest of the course.
  • Provide me with a photo and an interesting fact for everyone so I learn your names more quickly.

What to Submit

Submit a single PDF file named Intro.<your-username>.pdf through TEACH. Log in to TEACH and click “Submit Assignment” in the navigation bar on the right, located under “Class Tools”. You should see a list of currently open submissions.

Your PDF should include a photo with a clear picture of your face.

At the top of the file list:

  • Your name, and what you prefer to be called (if different).
  • Your current year of study (e.g. 1st year MS student).
  • Your research group and advisor (if applicable).

Below, please very briefly answer the following questions (bullet points are encouraged):

  • Have you taken CS 381 at OSU?
  • Have you taken any other programming language classes (e.g. at another university)?
  • Any experience with Haskell? Other functional languages?
  • What programming language(s) do you know best?
  • Have you signed up for Piazza? Have you installed GHC? (Make sure you do these things!)
  • What is the most interesting fact about you, or unique experience you’ve had, that you can think of and write down in less than two minutes?

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